HTH Mesa Parents Association Update

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HTH Mesa Parents Association Updates

  • The HTHM Boosters Club is looking for volunteers to ensure that our student athletes are ready with gear and uniforms when school resumes in August. Please email the PA with any questions! Letterman jackets are coming soon!
  • Planning doesn’t stop for summer! Take a look at these chair positions for next year. Email the PA if you are interested in one (or more!) of them.
  • Because of all of you, the PA was able to provide our teachers and students with some fun and appreciations. In the fall the PA held an online “Buy it Now” fundraiser, and since it was so successful, the PA provided:

First day of school treats for the teachers – Online parent socials with wine tasting and a cooking class – Lunch for teachers and staff before the fall break – A car detailing at school for the teachers and staff – Valentine’s Day cards and gift cards to all students – a week of treats and gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week

None of this would have happened without all of your generous support of time, effort, and donations!

Thank you all!!!!