HTHM PA Events

HTHM PA will hold events for community building and fundraising when it is safe to do so. In the meantime, if you have a clever concept for things to do, to build relationships, or even raise a few dollars, email us at

HTHM PA has an annual fundraising goal – all funds go back to supporting HTHM and its students. While it is unclear what our PA events will look like this year, we currently offer the following ways to support our goals:

  • Check out the fundraising page.
  • You can make a direct donation.
  • Download the Benefit app to support us while you are shopping online & in store.
  • Link us to your Ralphs Shopping Card with Ralphs Community Rewards Program
  • Buy HTHM Thunder Spiritwear for your student, as a teacher gift, or for yourself!