Make a donation via debit or credit card or use your Paypal account.

Benefit App

Download the Benefit app from the app store (iPhone & Android). To get started, search for us in the Schools section and select High Tech High Mesa Parents Association as your chosen beneficiary. 

It’s simple and quick.  After you sign up, shop like you normally do.  When it comes time to checkout:

  1. Access the Benefit app on your phone while waiting in line at the cashier or before your make your online purchase;
  2. Purchase a digital gift card for the amount you are spending;
  3. Redeem instantly by either scanning the barcode at the store or enter the card number in your online shopping cart. 

Feel free to share this info with family and friends. The more people who participate, the more funds we will raise to support education and activities for our HTHM students.  We are excited about the possibilities and appreciate your support!