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To provide students with the resources needed to develop a strong sense of self and plan their future grounded in that self-identity.


We provide direct support to our community as our students compete in and navigate through the R.A.C.E. towards post-secondary options. We provide guidance as students:

Research colleges/ careers

Apply to those opportunities

Choose the best fit option

Ease into their post-secondary roles


Grade Level Milestones/Activities

  • 9th Grade
  • 10th Grade
  • 11th Grade
  • 12th Grade

September to November

Scoir Intro/Set Up

November to January

Scoir Profile Update

February to June

YOUScience Launch

How Works in 60 Seconds

September to October

Scoir: Resume

Resume Personal Bio Statement

October to December

Scoir: College Preferences

December to January

SAT Results

January to March

Building a Balanced College List Part I

February to May

Official SAT/ACT 

March to May

Building a Balanced College List Part II

May to June

‣Essay Drafts

Training - Parent Overview

College App Tasks

This checklist represents the primary college application milestones throughout a student’s senior year.

Identify College Preferences4 min8/1
Create FSAID Account (Student & Parent/Guardian)3 min9/17
Research Prospective Colleges (10-20 colleges)6 min9/30
Balanced College Application List (5-10 colleges)3 min10/1
Recommendation Requests/Brag Sheets (Common App & EOP Only)
IMPORTANT: Not needed for UC or CSU
6 min10/15
College Essay(s)14 min10/15
Submit FAFSA (opens 10/1)4 min10/29
SAT or ACT (optional)2 min11/6
University of California Application (opens 8/1)10 min11/19
California State University Application (opens 10/1)10 min11/19
CSU EOP App (first gen/students on free-reduced lunch)8 min11/19
The Common Application (opens 8/1)10 minVaries
California Community College App5 minVaries
CSS Profile (additional fin aid process for some colleges)5 min3/1
Receiving Admission Decisions and Financial Aid Offers5 min4/1
Final College Commitment3 min5/1
Senior Exit Survey3 min5/5
College Transition Procedures4 min8/1

Download a copy of the College App Tasks List here

Measurable Milestones

September to November

‣Financial Aid: How to Create Your FSA ID  /  FAFSA Overview for Pathways

Pathways College App Intro

UC Extended PathwaysCSU Application Pathways: Nov. 30th Deadline

Recommendation Requests: Common App Extended  /  EOP Pathways

November to February

‣Privates/Out-of-State Apps: Common App Extended

February to April

Receiving Decisions/Financial Aid

Understanding Financial Aid Extended Version

March to April

‣Student Commitment

March to June

‣Matriculation Process: Housing, Advising, etc.

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