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To provide students with the resources needed to develop a strong sense of self and plan their future grounded in that self-identity.


We provide direct support to our community as our students compete in and navigate through the R.A.C.E. towards post-secondary options. We provide guidance as students:

Research colleges/careers
Apply to those opportunities
Choose the best fit option
Ease into their post-secondary roles


Grade Level Milestones/Activities

  • 9th Grade
  • 10th Grade
  • 11th Grade
  • 12th Grade

September to November

‣Scoir Registration

November to January

Scoir Profile/Bio

February to June


Micro-Scholarships: Raise.Me

September to November

Update Profile/Bio

November to January


February to June


Micro-Scholarships: Raise.Me

September to October


Personal Bio

October to December

Preferences for Fit

December to January

SAT Results

January to March

Balanced College List Part I

February to May

Official SAT/ACT 

March to May

Balanced College List Part II

May to June

‣Essay Drafts

Cost Calculator


September to November

‣Financial Aid: FSA  /  FAFSA

‣Final College List: “Applying” 7-10

UCCSU Apps: Nov. 30th Deadline

Recommendation Requests: Common App  /  EOP

November to February

‣Privates/Out-of-State Apps: Common App

February to April

College Admission Decisions

Understanding Financial Aid

March to April

‣Student Commitment

March to June

‣Matriculation Process: Housing, Advising, etc.